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Why pay hotel prices for your holiday accommodation?

Why not rent a private Spanish villa direct from the owner and enjoy a cheap family holiday in sunny Spain in a top quality holiday home with private pool!

Something for all Tastes

Enjoy the freedom and comfort of a luxury private home. You'll find everything from fabulous villas, apartments and beachfront properties to mountain hideaways, rural retreats and city apartments.

Explore Spain and Islands

Holiday in Spain on the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava. Or explore Spain's beautiful Mediterranean islands - Mallorca, Menorca and the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma.
Alternatively search for holiday information about the 16 Spanish regions

Here are some examples of our clients properties.


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Basic instructions for getting around the site

If you are very new to the Internet, this section should help you find your way around the Villaseeker pages to find the wealth of information they contain.

Moving around within a page

The web pages are generally longer than the height of your screen, so you need to "scroll down" the page using your mouse to drag the slide bar which is normally at the right hand side of your screen. In this section you will see the orange arrows within this central section.

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Each property page is laid out as follows:

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Finding the property that is ideal for you

We realise that different people have different requirements and want to search for properties in different ways. We have developed a unique and powerful database that classifies all the properties on the Villaseeker site many variables, as well as price next 12 months.

There are various ways of using the Villaseeker site to find a list of properties that are ideal for your requirements.

Finding properties where you want to go

If you know the region where you want to go: Click on the map or select the specific region or area you wish to visit. Then you can look down the list of properties - then just click for more details of the one that appeals most.

Most properties are rented on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday, but some take longer or shorter periods and start on different days of the week.

List of properties

The list of properties returned in your search contains summary information about the property - its headline, its location in the form of a breadcrumb trail, the accommodation summary, the quoted high season rate, and some key facilities.

To see full details of the property, click on the headline, or the image

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Basic Internet Glossary

As with all new technologies, the Internet uses new words which can be confusing. Here is a short glossary which may help.

Browser - the software that allows you to see a page on the World Wide Web. The two big ones are Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator. They have each been regularly updated and are now both on Version 5. The higher the number of the version you have, the more sophisticated things you can do on the Internet.

Internet - the network of millions of computers around the world which enables one computer to access and display information stored on other computers on the network.

Internet Service Provider - the company who provides your access to the Internet

Links or Hypertext links -Web pages have links so you can "click" and jump straight to another point either on that page, or that site, or anywhere else on the Internet.

Site or web site - a particular set of files on a computer - usually for one service or company.

Web pages - one discrete file on a web site. Unlike a printed page, it can be of any length or width.

World Wide Web - the part of the Internet where you can see graphics, photos and laid out pages rather than just text. This is the www. That you see at the front of all web site addresses.

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